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Debbie-WithersDebbie Withers…. Charles Thompson’s Mission

“I have been helping Mum and Dad at Charles Thompson’s Mission since 1988 and now work in the kitchen 3 days a week feeding the needy people that come through the doors.  I  became a Christian at the tender age of 4 after going to church with my Dad one Sunday evening. Even at that young age I realised that Jesus had died for my sins and I needed to ask him into my heart so I could go to Heaven when I died.

“I spent most of my childhood and teens attending Jireh Church in Bebington where I met my future husband Dave, who had been taught by my dad in Sunday School!  We then joined The Mission together in 1988; I was baptized in 1989 before we were married in 1990! We have now returned to Jireh where we originally met! We have 1 daughter, Rebecca.”

Alan-KellardAlan Kellard…. Admin Manager

“I was born in Bedfordshire into an RAF family, and this inevitably involved in living abroad in such places as Aden, Singapore, Malta & Cyprus. When in 1971 my father finished his time in the RAF we moved to Cornwall, where I completed my schooling. I had always loved travelling and missed the sun, and so I soon enrolled into the Royal Navy. It was during my time in the navy that God grabbed hold of my life and began His moulding process. There were no fireworks or supernatural experiences, just the feeling that God had spoken and would brook no argument. I was in Gibraltar at the time, a sailor’s paradise, enjoying cheap drink, cigarettes and sunshine. It was a real challenge to give up some of the less savoury parts of my life, but with God’s help I gave up smoking, reduced my alcohol intake, as well as the other vices that make up a sailors life.
After leaving the navy I gained employment with Dr Barnardo’s which was then a Christian Organisation. Sadly after 13 year’s redundancy beckoned and I had to look elsewhere for employment. During a year of no work I saw God’s magnificent provision for myself and my family. Eventually I got a job with BICC and due to a factory closure was offered a move across the Pennines from Yorkshire to Kirkby. There I became part of a Liverpool City Mission church and learnt more about the Mission and its work. I now work as Admin Manager for the Mission and have seen many blessings in the short time I have been here.”

Bernie-FrostBernie Frost….

Bernie joined the team at Charles Thompson’s Mission over 5 years ago. He came to know Christ as his Saviour after starting to attend the youth group at Laird Street Baptist Church in Birkenhead. Bernie explains… “The first 3 or 4 times I was chucked out for my disruptive behaviour, usually when one of the youth leaders was giving a 10 minute Bible talk but I was invited back again the next week,” says Bernie. “After hearing several of these messages and asking lots of questions I realised that I was a sinner that the Bible described in Romans Ch. 3 v 23 as one who had come short of God’s perfect standard.” Bernie goes on to say “they didn’t leave it there, they went on to explain from the Bible that God has provided a way of escape and that I could be forgiven by Jesus Christ who took the punishment that I deserved, becoming my substitute. Finally, in May 1980 I experienced forgiveness. I turned from the things that offended God (all my sins) and put my faith and trust in Jesus.”